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About God 

If you have doubts and questions about life, God or Jesus you are not alone. We do not expect you to have all (or any) of the answers. Just like you, we are searching for reality and truth.
We are very happy to pass on our discoveries about Jesus. We are not 'preachy' and will certainly not put pressure on you, but we do offer space and time to ask questions or just for you to come and take a look.
If you would like some guidance about some personal spiritual issue, please get in touch. We will arrange to help you using the method of communication you feel most comfortable with.
If you want to find out more, take a look at our 'Questa' page. Or you could take a look at the Christian Enquiry Agency site.
If you just want to take a look, you could try one of our Sunday Services. They are all different, so if you enjoy 'lively' or 'quiet' or 'family orientated' please go to 'Sunday Program' .  

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