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About Jesus 

How could we ever really begin to grasp the love God has for us?
God's answer was to send His only Son to be born as a human being.
Jesus is God in human form. He came into this 'messy' world with all its joys and sorrows, hopes and disappointments, virtues and vices. He lived among us, living life to the full and in complete harmony with God's plans. His love, compassion and generosity amazed everyone.
He was executed by being hung on a cross at the age of 33. But the amazing thing was that he allowed it to happen because it was part of the plan to rescue us: The bible tells us that in His death Jesus bore our sorrows sicknesses and 'sins' (the attitude that separates us from God) in order to put us into a right relationship with God.
Three days later, His words and actions were proved to be true. He rose from the dead. He is still alive today and those who put their trust in Him find forgiveness and new life.

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