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Why be baptised?

Jesus set an example The command of Jesus is reinforced by his own example in being baptised himself. Despite John the Baptist protesting, Jesus insisted on being baptised. Jesus said, "Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfil all righteousness". Jesus did not agree to be baptised with a view to washing his sins away. Rather in Baptism he took his first step to the cross by identifying himself with us in our sinfulness.
Declaring union with Christ: Baptism is a dramatic way of declaring your solidarity with Jesus. The only thing needed is a large quantity of water! In warmer climates people are baptised in rivers, lakes and ponds, but, in Britain it is more common for a baptistry to be used.

A symbolic act Spectators at a baptism are asked to imagine that the water is a watery grave. So when you are submerged under water, you will identify with Jesus who died and was buried, for a split second you will disappear. As you go under the water, you will be declaring your resolve to die to your old way of living, and as you rise,you will symbolically rise from the dead.

What if I were baptised as a child?     What if I have been confirmed?
    How old do I have to be to be baptised?     What about the laying on of hands?

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