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About Help

Jesus helped people in all sorts of ways. His main mission was to help people understand just how much God loves them and to 'reconcile' them to Him. So Jesus said that He had come to "seek and save the lost" and to "give His life as a ransom for many". The result: "as many as received Him and trusted Him he gave them the right to become children of God" He did not come to condemn but to rescue.
We also find Jesus bringing comfort, truth, healing and liberation.
When Jesus returned to heaven He promised to be with His followers so that they could bring help by His authority. Because of this we pray with anyone who asks us. Jesus is still alive today and we have seen Him set people free, heal their minds and bodies, as well as bringing comfort and truth to light.
When people came to Jesus, He often told them that their 'trust' had been the deciding factor - in other words, they were prepared to let HIM help them. We long for you to LET HIM help you in your need..

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